Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreters (SC)

Chairperson of the Section

Nedyalka Chakalova

Simultaneous and consecutive interpreter with English, French and Russian


Section members:

Aglika Yossifova Markova – SC, FLH – English, Russian

Andrey Yordanov Mateev – SC, ST – Russian, French, Polish, English

Ani Heskia Levy – SC, FLH – Spanish, Russian, French

Antonia Lyubomirova Parcheva – SC, ST, FLH – English, Russian

Atanas Kolev Samsarev – SC, FLH – Arabic

Daniela Dimitrova Sabeva – SC – German, English

Dida Konstantinova Filipova – SC – French

Elena Borislavova Poptodorova – SC – English, French

Elena Markova Minkova – SC – German

Elena Viktorovna Racheva – SC – Russian

Eli Dimitrova Yordanova – SC – Spanish

Georgi Alexandrov Alexandrov – SC, PG – English

Ilka Georgieva Filipova-Becheva – SC, ST – Spanish, Portuguese, French

Iskra Lyubenova Makarieva – SC – English, Russian

Ivanka Dimitrova Angelova – SC – English

Kalinka Georgieva Naydenova – SC – English, Russian

Konstantsa Tsvetkova Dyankova – SC, FLH – French

Ladislav Ivanov Tsvetkov – SC, ST – Czech

Mihail Vasilev Berov – SC, STL – German

Nedyalka Gocheva Chakalova – SC, ST – English, French, Russian

Neicho Todorov – SC, ST – English, Russian, German

Olga Kostova Stoyanova – SC – English, French, Russian

Petya Pavlova – SC – Italian

Rada Koynova Gankova – SC – Spanish, English

Radiana Karagyozova – SC – English, Russian, Indonesian

Rositsa Zlatareva – SC – English

Roza Hubesh – SC, FLH – Spanish, French

Rumyana Stoyanova Stoyanova – SC – English

Snezhana Petkova Metodieva – SC – Russian

Snezhanka Georgieva Mileva – SC, STL - German

Todor Minchev Hristov – SC, STL - Russian

Veselina Georgieva Raizhekova – SC, ST – Arabic, French

Vladimir Konstantinov Berner – SC, ST, STL – Russian


BTU apologises for any omitted names of fellow translators, members of the Union. Please contact us by phone or send us an e-mail so that we can promptly correct the omission.


Terms and conditions for admission to the section:

Any translator who wishes to become member of the Section should submit the following documents to the Chairperson:

1. Three reviews of translation works.

2. Oral examination before a committee of members of the Section.